Simple Tips To Make Your Home Healthier For Everyone

Everyone wants to live in a home that is not only comfortable but healthy as well. In this regard, women usually hold the responsibility to keep their families safe and therefore they should strive to make their homes friendlier and healthier for rest of the family and for themselves.

Ditch All Diet Busters:

You home can be seriously sabotaging your efforts to get and stay healthy. Therefore, you need to check out your home first before setting for water and food rations. It might be forcing you to stick to your seats and feast on surprisingly sneaky ways. Things like colors of your walls, your favorite plates and comfy touch can all act as a diet buster. Following lines explain how you can make your home healthier.

  • The Comfy Seating:

It is nice to have a cozy arm chair that can unfold as a bed and a stool for kids in the kitchen but sitting too much can also add extra pounds. The solution to these problems is to move the stool away so that you can stand when you are cooking. Furthermore, if you cannot survive without your armchair, make your and others’ stay as brief as possible in the kitchen.

  • Craze for Multitasking:

It sounds sensible to carry everything at a time that needs to be dumped upstairs to avoid multiple trips across the stairs. On the other hand, you need to skip the energy saving steps and only carry one thing at a time. This way, you will do more exercise and will burn more calories. In fact, just 5 minutes of stair climbing can help you to burn whooping 35 calories.

  • Keeping it Cool:

If your dining room is cooler than required, you are sure to over indulge in eating. It has been scientifically proven that people tend to eat more in cooler conditions than in hotter and humid climate. The simplest solution of this problem is to switch the air conditioner off and raise temperature to tolerable limits. This will eliminate you want for heave fatty foods and a cool salad or a light risotto will be more enticing.

  • A Yen for Red:

Red stain sheets are no doubt romantic and dreamy but they will enhance your appetite in the bed. In fact, red color stimulates the nervous system that in turns increase the appetite. Therefore, it is better to think blue throughout the house especially blue sheets in bedrooms. You need to paint your dining room blue, serve meals in blue plates and install a light blue bulb in the fridge to cut your appetite.

  • Supersize Servings:

The bigger the plate, bigger will be the servings and it has been scientifically proved. Therefore, you need to dine in smaller plates like salad plates. Another option is to use square plates that contain less food than circular ones. Furthermore, eat slowly to give you more time to feel full and satisfied.

  • Your Favorite TV Shows:

Something people think that they are burning calories by watching shows like “Mad Men” but it is actually quite contrary to that. In fact, if you cut your viewing time by five hours; you can burn calories equal to that of one mile running. TV is the worst enemy of good health as it slows down basal metabolism and therefore it is better to stare a blank wall instead.

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Above mentioned are some of the tips that will make your home healthier for all members of your family.

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