Stylish Ideas for Themed Parties

Themed parties have always been a popular approach to event planning, and for good reason. Even world famous celebrities such as Sean Combs (otherwise known as P. Diddy) have embraced this trend, as seen in his annual White Party. Costumes and dress code aside, colour is one of the best ways to add a sophisticated twist to events of all sizes and natures. By choosing a unique colour theme, you can decide whether to bring it across through your furniture and decor alone, or even take it further by including a dress code that suits the theme to perfection.

Using Colour for Themed Parties

Whether you wish to take a hip hop approach with a White Party or aim for something entirely different, the choices are endless when it comes to using colour in your themed party. It is however always best to choose harmonious colours to ensure that the end result is glamorous, stylish and in line with the season’s current trends. Some ideas to consider could include the following:

  • Black and Gold
    the dramatic contrast of black and gold works well for evening events such as cocktail parties, dinner parties or even large parties that have space for dance floors. The trick with this look to avoid going from glitz to kitsch is to use gold touches carefully. Black tables, linen and crockery can be offset with ornate gold dining chairs, cutlery and table decor for instance, with subtle lighting that adds a soft glow to the venue.
  • Teal and Silver
    teal, aquamarine and other turquoise shades work beautifully with silver, resulting in a modern yet classic look that can work for any season. If you want to bring in a splash of warmth, you could add floral arrangements in blush or coral to your table decor. LED tables and bars can also be used to bring in warm shades of lighting.
  • Cream and Lilac
    shades of lilac are amongst Pantone’s colour trends for Fall 2012, making this look one of the most stylish trends for themed events. Rather than white, cream adds a warm touch to this shade, resulting in a soft and elegant look that can be used for daytime and evening functions.
  • Ivory and Red
    this colour scheme never dates, but with a modern twist it can be brought into the season’s current colours by choosing various shades of red along with unique furniture and decor. For instance, white stools could be used instead of traditional dining chairs, or red hued crockery and glassware can be used on crisp ivory linens.
  • Metallic
    metallic shades can even be used as a theme on their own rather than used for accent. Shimmering linens in champagne, silver or even rich colours such as teal, lavender or chocolate, metallic chairs, gleaming cutlery, sparkling glassware and crockery in white or colours that compliment your linens adds a touch of playfulness and creativity to your decor.
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What makes themed parties a pleasure to plan is that they allow you to unleash plenty of creativity. Adding a dress code also adds to the fun, ensuring that your guests begin to feel the excitement even before they arrive at the event. Whether you wish to stick to something simple or create your own entirely unique theme, be sure to plan every last detail from the seating to final touches such as lighting and decor so that the overall effect is one that has guests talking about your party for years to come.

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