The Essential Characteristics Of A Good P.E. Teacher

Physical education is crucial to the school curriculum and these are the most important qualities of a P.E. teacher.

A lot of adults seem to recall their school days with a mixture of fondness and nostalgia, as well as satisfaction that certain parts of it are left behind in the past. There will always be teachers that people remember, some of whom were particularly strict and others that seemed to be much friendlier and enjoyable to be around. The importance of P.E. as a lesson on the weekly timetable has been brought up on many occasions as the need to keep people active throughout their school education remains as crucial as ever. Teachers are needed for all manner of subjects in schools, from primary to secondary school, and there are certain qualities that are needed for such a position. These are examples of the fundamental characteristics of a P.E. teacher.


As a P.E. teacher you will generally be called upon to work with students of all levels of capabilities, although there may be occasions when you are allocated a specific standard of class. There can be some very talented individuals in any class and as a P.E. teacher it is up to you to bring the best out of them. It is also vital that you know how to build up the confidence of those with a slightly lower standard of capability so that they can gain a sense of achievement and enjoyment from the activities. There will also be some students who are more difficult to teach so you have to know when to be more of a disciplinarian.

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Good judgement

It could be said that one of the mistakes made by some teachers is trying to use the same approach with every student. It is true that fairness should be shown with each individual but different personalities require specific treatment in order for the person to be guided in the right way. P.E. teachers have to be a good judge of character to help participants in their lessons to do their best. Some will respond well to being challenged whereas others need to be given more of a confidence boost.


This condition is perhaps more important to those who are teaching older groups of pupils but a sense of humour will serve you well as a P.E. teacher. It can help to create the kind of atmosphere in your lessons that will make people look forward to them and is particularly useful when the task in the lesson may not be quite as fun as others.

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