The Inventors of Your Lifestyle

There are many familiar names when we think about the products and conveniences that we enjoy today, but there are many more names that are unrecognizable. While the Wright brothers, John Deere, Louis Pasteur and Steve Jobs immediately evoke images and sentiments, Konrad Zuse, Martin Cooper and Kane Kramer draw blank stares. Some gained notoriety and esteem because of their contributions, while others simply contributed without receiving the widespread acclaim that we tend to associate with success. As you peruse the inventions that you love to depend on, you will find yourself grinning at humorous names that cannot be said without a giggle. You will nod with recognition as you see others. Some names and inventions will simply amaze you because the initial invention is so much different than you will envision based on the brand. In all cases, you will find yourself appreciative of the manner in which inventors have augmented our lives.

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