The Most Extreme Professions on Earth

Heights, ocean depths, and fire few things on our planet are more extreme than these. And wouldn’t you know it? Daring people from all walks of life go charging into these extreme environments to perform amazing tasks for the benefit of all mankind.

Here are five of the most extreme professions on earth.

Tower Construction Engineers

What’s the highest you’ve ever climbed with a computer? Tower construction engineers drag their rugged notebooks to cell phone towers and other seriously tall buildings on a daily basis. Held on by nothing more than a few harnesses and sheer will, these engineers do repair work and upgrades in prevailing winds at heights that rival the Statue of Liberty herself.

Underwater Construction Engineers

By contrast, these engineers go about as deep as humans can possibly go. Bridges, tunnels, pipelines and plenty of other constructs need constant maintenance and repair, and there’s no person better do to it than underwater construction engineers. These fearless men and women must battle more than depths, currents, and low visibility there are sewage issues to be aware of, scalding hot or freezing cold temperatures, and of course, sea monsters.

Commercial Fishermen

There’s a reason they make TV shows based on these characters. Deep-sea fishermen are among the toughest people there are (yes, this is a coed profession). Armed with only a boat, some rope, cages, and durable laptops to keep track of it all, these fishermen supply your local restaurants with shrimp, crab, tuna, swordfish, and all those other exotic delicacies that come from the frigid waters between Russia and Alaska.

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Iron and Steel Workers

You probably don’t ever think about how that cool metal support beam in your building’s elevator was made. But consider this: that vital piece of your elevator the most dangerous thing you probably do in the morning is created in the midst of ludicrous working conditions, including infernally hot temperatures and materials that could disintegrate steel workers instantly if something went awry.

Imagine the inside of a volcano and you have a decent representation of a steel forge.

Wilderness Firefighters

Finally, we have those men and women who charge into uncontrollable blazes seeking to do the impossible control them. But with rugged tablets, advanced anti-flammable tools, air support, and fire-suppression materials, they manage to overcome ravaging infernos to save hundreds of lives and millions of acres of farms and woodland each year.

All in a day’s work.

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