The Strangest Packages In The World?

If you thought that people only sent documents, books, DVDs and CDs by courier, you would be far from right. Couriers have been asked to collect, package and deliver some unbelievably weird items.

Bricking it?

You can understand people sending money back to another part of the country or abroad, where someone has to work away from home just to earn a living. One man who lived in Alaska, but worked in the US, used a courier service to send home every single brick of the house he was building. Eventually, this resulted in the entire US Postal system banning the mailing of construction materials in this manner.

Moving large animals

What if your cargo is alive? One of the largest international courier companies customised one of their aeroplanes so they could transfer pandas from zoos in China to America. Transferring such large and delicate packages across the world requires very careful dedication to duty.

Another international courier offers an ocean shipping service. This proved to be extremely useful when owners were moving beluga whales from one aquarium to another. Let’s hope they had a whale of a time!

Packages with a sting

Individual courier companies have to decide if they are prepared to ship poisonous creatures from one location to another. Some companies are prepared to ship scorpions, but only if they are good for research and labelled as live scorpions.

Food for thought

One gentleman, who prefers to remain anonymous, lives in an extremely quiet village over 100 miles from the nearest drive-through international burger chain. On the same day every week, he orders and pays for a burger which is then collected by a courier company and delivered to his home. Fortunately, every delivery is clearly marked fragile.

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Risky business

Couriers have refused to deliver firearms, explosives and flammable substances for obvious reasons and some companies are making sure that they are not caught out by scammers who try to send large amounts of jewellery, more than two mobile phones or prescription drugs. Some couriers refuse to send cash over long distances as people consistently try to find ways to have other people carry their risks.

A case of deception

Unfortunately, courier companies have been asked to send packages where the contents are listed as one item but the packages really contain something else altogether. A criminal tried to send what he suggested were kitchen cabinets to a friend’s home. When it was discovered that a body had been cut into several pieces and packaged, the sender had some very difficult questions to answer!

The bottom line? If you think your item is questionable, check with the courier about rules guiding what they can collect and deliver. And remember that items sent to other countries are subject to importation rules which may be different to what you can send within your own country.

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