The Various Uses Of Shipping Containers

If you think that shipping containers are defined by their name, think again. While there’s no great mystery surrounding their primary purpose, there are plenty more uses for these versatile storage products. In essence, they provide an easily transportable, adaptable space that is both practical and secure. You can place them pretty much anywhere and remove them again as soon as they are no longer needed. They offer flexibility as they can provide extra space when you need it for whatever purpose you have in mind.


Yes, they are used for transporting goods, but shipping containers can also be used for long term storage. Large and secure, they can be used to store all sorts of goods. In fact there are many different sizes, but even the smaller ones are very sizable. Shipping containers have found a number of users in recent years thanks to the growing popularity for selling goods online. Many people have started their own businesses via eBay or a website and a shipping container provides a great place to keep stock before it is sent out to customers.

If you don’t have rapid turnover of goods, this extra space can prove incredibly handy, keeping everything out of your home. If you are buying and selling for profit, it can be great to have somewhere to store things while you monitor prices, not having to commit to selling immediately, or you could buy large volumes of goods at auctions and then sell them singly online, where they are likely to command higher prices.

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Temporary offices

You can get shipping containers with windows, carpeting and air conditioning – in short, anything you could need to create a comfortable office environment. They are often used on building sites and other areas where temporary office space is required and since the advent of 3G and 4G connectivity, workers can operate exactly as they would were they at head office. They can even connect to the main company network remotely and access files and documents as if they were in the next room.


Shipping containers make for high quality, secure clubhouses for sports clubs on either a temporary or permanent basis. Many sports clubs are run on a tight budget and may not be able to afford extensive facilities. However, a shipping container provides economical space and can be fitted with shelving for easier storage of equipment. They can also function as changing rooms and it is possible to have them connected to the mains water supply so that showers and toilets can be installed.

Other rooms

Basically, there is no real limiting factor as to what can be created using shipping containers. They can even be stacked together to form accommodation. You can add windows, doors and plumbing and pretty much anything you could need to make a decent living environment. They are also well-suited to being converted into canteens – functional areas where food can easily be prepared. Others have transformed them into artist studios or workshops. They provide affordable space that can be used for almost anything.

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