Three Gifts That Will Drive Your Golfer Wild This Holiday Season

Does someone you love, LOVE golf? For many people it’s not just for competitive or athletic reasons; it’s a way of life. Playing this sport can fill the day with the miraculous combination of challenge, entertainment and relaxation. What is it about golfers that seem to enjoy a carefree sense of humor? Golfers tend to cleverly avoid stressful situations and rarely panic. How is this possible? Perhaps the vast, meadow-like setting inspires a sense of liberty and joy.

Maybe the air above a freshly cut green emits a chemical that induces euphoria, causing golfers and their loved ones to smile around the world. Mysteriously, the sport can be both invigorating and peaceful. As scientists continue to research this phenomenon, it is up to you to find your golfer the perfect gift.

Here are three ways to drive your golfer wild this holiday season.

1. Seriously, be silly.

Never underestimate the power of a good joke, especially in the world of swinging rods and shagging balls. People who play the sport love to laugh and make fun of one another, both on and off the course. Spend some time with your put-put pal and pay attention to what makes him or her laugh. It might be quirky, dry, intellectual humor. It might be slightly dark and twisted humor. If you are not quite sure, a safe bet is usually something silly and immature like a sexual innuendo or a fart joke. Funny gag-type gifts and golfing go hand-in-hand. It’s a fact.

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2. Remember when?

No matter what sport your loved one enjoys, memories always make great presents. Whether you incorporate a memory into a card or the gift itself, a great way to the heart of anyone is through nostalgia. Since playing games involve a shared sense of community and a familial spirit, a golfer is sure to love memorabilia. Pictures, quotes and common stories are enjoyable to most who love games, and vice versa. Spending some time to add a personal touch will make any gift more special.

3. Stylize and personalize.

Going to the driving range or just playing a quick nine holes with a buddy always requires specialized clothing. This is definitely a sport where a specific type of fashion is required. Why not incorporate humor and sentiment into a specialized article of clothing? If you shop online, it is easy to find and create custom golf shirts for Christmas gifts. Personalized shirts from stores such as Inkhead, for example, and other online stores, offer a variety of merchandise. This kind of present is unique, thoughtful and (best of all) easy. Sounds like a real hole-in-one!  Are you already planning to embroider that on a polo? Well, alright! Go get ’em, Tiger!

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