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Marquee hire is a popular option for inexpensive weddings and for anyone who wants to host an event in a location that does not have a permanent structure. Marquees can be erected for just about any special occasion including birthday parties, family reunions, religious celebrations, festivals and weddings. There are a number of important considerations you need to make before you hire your marquee. Shop around and ask suppliers about the following points.


Before you approach your marquee supplier, make sure you have a good idea as to how many guests you need to host. The size of marquee you choose will depend on: the location you are pitching it; the number of guests you plan to host; if the guests need to be seated or standing; if you want to have a dance floor, stage, bar or buffet table. If your marquee is too large, you will lose the intimate atmosphere. If your marquee is too small, your guests will feel claustrophobic. As a guide, 100 guests, seated, with a dance floor will fit comfortably in a marquee with dimensions of 30 x 60 metres.


One of the greatest appeals of marquee hire is that you can erect a marquee almost anywhere, however choosing the location requires some forethought and planning. The marquee will need to be placed on a flat, open area that has no obstructions. Avoid an area with underlying gas pipes and overhead cables and trees. Ensure that the area is not prone to flooding. The marquee will need to be positioned in a location that is easily accessible to toilets. If you are planning on having one or more of the walls open, you might want to position it so that it is overlooking a scenic view.

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You will need to put thought into where you will source electricity for the marquee. Electricity will be needed for lighting, heating, DJ equipment, band equipment and catering equipment. If you are thinking about running a cable from your home out to a marquee in your garden, ask a qualified electrician if your electricity supply can handle it. Some marquee hire services can provide electricity generators.

Book Early

Marquees are more popular in the warm seasons than the cold, so if you are booking a marquee for a summer event, make sure to book well in advance to ensure you get the best quality product. Booking well in advance also gives you greater peace of mind knowing that one of the most important aspects of your occasion (the venue) is taken care of.


Ask the supplier how old the marquee is and whether it has any rips or stains. Also, ask about fire specifications as some marquees are specially manufactured to meet fire retardant standards.


Some marquee hire suppliers rent or supply additional materials such as: heaters, tables, chairs, chair covers, P.A. systems, flowers, cake stands, table linen and a stage. Ask the supplier about the type of insurance cover they offer. Other items you need to take care of include: fire extinguishers, first aid kit, managing trash, emergency vehicle access, decorations, guest parking and security.

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