Vintage Rings In Australia

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If you look at what is fashionable in the jewellery industry in Australia at present, you will see that there is a lot of retro and also vintage jewellery on offer. Some people have a stigma about second hand things and are not interested in jewellery unless it is brand new. This means though that they are potentially missing out on some great pieces of jewellery which have lots of character and also history which can also be a lot cheaper than buying something which is brand new. It is all down to personal taste, but the market is quite large which means that there is something to suit most tastes and also budgets as well.

  • Are Deco Jewellery
  • Art Noveau Jewellery
  • Antique Jewellery

These are a few of the different styles that there are and you should be able to find something quite easily which makes you say I do

Art Deco

Art Deco refers to a period in the 1920’s and also 1930’s when this style was very popular. The style was heavily influenced by Geometric shapes and also nature itself and has led to some exquisite pieces of jewellery which really stand out and have plenty of character. You will be able to find styles of jewellery which are a mixture of Gold, Silver, Diamonds and other precious metals and stones. Very often the way the stones are set they will resemble a flower or something else easily recognizable from nature.

You will easily find art deco engagement rings in Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin or any other place that you look in Australia. There is a lot of choice available, and you are sure to find something which will make the girl of your dreams very happy indeed.

Art Noveau

Art Noveau refers to a style of jewellery which was very popular n the 1890’s right up to the early 1900’s. This style was a celebration of intricacy and beautiful form, moving away from the style of the mass produced goods which were available in the market at the time. Art Noveau showed that you can still have something beautiful and also practical without having to rely on the techniques used to make things in bulk. This led to lots of free flowing curves and curving lines as well as forms from nature such as female faces and profiles.

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Typically they used pearls and opals as well as other semi precious stones, rather than faceted stones such as diamonds. They also embraced colourful enameling as well which gave this form of jewellery its own unique style. It has been said that the styles extravagance led to its demises in around 1910 to 1914.

Antique Jewellery

Of course both Art Deco and also Art Noveau are also antique forms of jewellery, but there are also plenty of other antiques out there which do not fall into either of these categories. Doing a quick search on the internet will show a wide choice of antique jewellery available in Australia and there is a vast range in styles and also prices. If you are buying an antique which is supposed to have a history, then you will need to make sure that this history is documented in the provenance which should be supplied with it.

If not then it is only one person’s word that the item is what they claim and has the history that they declare as well. Although a piece without this is still valuable, you would expect to pay less than if the item had documented proof that it came from a certain person, place or time. If you are looking for a traditional wedding which includes a classic style of dress or even a dress handed down through the generations of your family, then this can be complimented by the style of jewellery you choose.

An Art Deco engagement ring or an Antique engagement ring can really set off the dress you are wearing and give an awesome overall appearance which will make you feel radiant. You may even want to start off your own tradition and choose a piece that you can hand down to your children and their children after them!

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