Ways to Protect Your Bone Health

Bones play an important role of being the ‘pillars’ of the entire body structure. Muscles rely on their support as well calcium contents find their shelter in the bones. Hence it is very essential to extend that extra care for the bones of the body.

Importance of bone health

Just as the years keep passing by at a rapid speed, similarly bones keep undergoing constant changes once the body crosses the threshold of 30 years. In the phases of childhood, old bones break away and pave the way for new bones. But after the age of 30, the breakdown situation exceeds more in number than the gaining part. When the body starts ageing even more, Osteoporosis starts showing its incoming signal, wherein the muscle bones start getting fragile. In this way, it is very important to give bones a special attention.

Factors affecting bone health

There is a galore of factors which create a negative impact on bone health such as:

– Alcohol and tobacco use: Tobacco and alcohol play the role of villains in the body system, as they disturb the body’s potentiality to soak in required amounts of calcium, which ultimately results in bones becoming fragile and delicate, thus giving cause for Osteoporosis

– Calcium amount in the diet: It is very important for diet to include a specific amount of calcium content, as its deficiency causes more chances of fractures and loss of required bones and reduced bone density.

– Fluctuating hormone levels: Many biological factors like delayed or absence of regular periods, excessive secretion of thyroid hormone and fluctuating levels of testosterone causing the deterioration of bone health.

– Inactivity: Lack of physical activity also leads to the degradation of bones and increases the possibilities of osteoporosis.

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– Genetic factors: Family histories who have encountered bone related ailments do have the tendency of passing it onto the further generations.

– Other related medical conditions or eating abnormalities: Sudden weight loss, eating disorders like Bulimia and Anorexia, surgeries related to the stomach area and related to weight loss aspects often hamper the health of the bones.

– Age, Gender and Size: Women mostly carry more possibilities of attracting bone problems. Even skinny people are more susceptible to bone deterioration and ultimately as the age passes by, bones become thinner and weaker.

– Medication factors: At times excessive amount of high dosage medication weakens the density of the bones. Some of the medicines also give rise to deadly diseases like Cancer, which proves fatal to the human body.

Ways of keeping the bones healthy

In order to retain the well being of the bones, one needs to:

– Say no to smoking and excessive drinking.

– Should include physical activity like running, walking, cycling, jogging and any form of exercises in your life. It takes care of fitness as well as bones.

– Include generous amounts of calcium in the diet through healthy products like tofu, cottage cheese, cheese, milk, butter, sardines, broccoli, almonds, etc.

– Focus on vitamin D products like egg yolks, tuna and fresh amount of sunlight, as these are great absorbers of calcium.

– Doctor’s advice

– It is always recommended to go in for bone density tests, to be rest assured with the condition of the bones. It is also mandatory to pay heed to doctor’s suggestions and advises to keep the bones healthy and intact.

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