Wedge Sandal Trends For 2013

Now that spring has finally arrived, it is time to book yourself a pedicure and embrace one of this year’s hottest trends for shoes; wedge sandals. This versatile shoe is available in many different styles this season, so there is something to suit every taste from sky scraper high heels to the geisha style low wedge. Here we will look at some of the hottest trends in wedges.

Color Block Wedge Sandals

In previous years, patterns such as polka dots and stripes have been big in shoe trends. However, this season all of the designers are migrating towards the color block look. Although there are plenty of neutral combinations such as tan and black available, the trendiest look are the brights – think neon pink and burnt oranges. These are great for brightening up a plain outfit, but keeping your other colorful accessories to a minimum

Mixed Pattern Wedges

Just because the color block look has overtaken patterns in the style stakes does not mean that patterns are no longer fashionable. But what we are seeing this season is designers mixing pattern and texture, in ways not previously done before. It is actually very similar to the color block trends but with prints. For instance, snake print uppers with leopard print heels.

This is a look that only the bravest fashionista can pull off.

Wedge Sandals with Gold Accents

If mixing two bold colors or patterns in one shoe is not to your taste, then this is a trend that might be more to your liking. Gold accents are ultra trendy for 2013. We are seeing wedges with gold linings, uppers and pretty embellishments. But the most fashion forward among us will be wearing our sandals in neutrals or brights with just a hint of a gold accent around the edges.

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Low wedge sandals

Many people associate wedges with towering heels, but there have always been wedge sandals with low heels available. In fact, not only are designers and retailers increasing their range of low wedge sandals, they are very much on trend. A pair of low, geisha style wedges are great for pairing both with office attire and more casual outfits.

Espadrille Wedge Sandals

With such a large number of new styles in vogue this season, you may be wondering if your old pair of espadrille wedge sandals are still in style. The good news is yes, they absolutely are! The espadrille is still considered a classic.

Wedge Sneakers

Although not strictly a sandal, we couldn’t compile a list of wedge sandal trends for 2013 without bringing to your attention one of this season’s biggest hits among the fashion conscious. Wedge sneakers have hidden heels that both boost your height and give you impossibly long, elegant legs. They are certainly not for everyone, but if cutting edge styles are your thing then these are going to be a wardrobe must have for the coming months.

So what style of wedge will you be sporting this year? Go out or go online and start shopping.

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