What Are The Best Home Remedies For Kidney Stones That You Can Easily Make?

Kidney stones are literally the best small but terrible things in the world. Even though how small they may be, one kidney stone is enough to keep you uncomfortably awake all night in pain. They are terrible especially when you start to feel them in your urinary system.

They say that the diet of a person is a huge contributing factor on how these stones form. And true enough the only way to avoid or alleviate the discomforts of having kidney stones is by making lifestyle changes, especially with one’s diet. Here are a few easy to make remedies for kidney stones that are effective to a lot of people:

  1. Water the universal solvent, the gift of nature, the ultimate source of life for all living things, water is the most important drink that we need. Our bodies are even made up of as much as 75% water. Water has indeed a lot of healing powers, including the alleviation of kidney stones. Drinking as much water as possible is a great and the easiest kidney stone remedy that you can find. About 3 liters of water a day will help you a lot.
  2. Lessen your oxalate intake although vitamins, minerals, fruits, and vegetables are good for the body, they also produce a lot of oxalates in large amounts and oxalate is known to form into calcium-oxalate stones if not controlled. Cut back on oxalate-rich food such as coffee, chocolates, nuts, cola, tea, strawberries, etc. This doesn’t mean that you completely eliminate these food from your diet, you can still have them but in minimal amounts.
  3. Lessen your Vitamin C intake although Vitamin C is a very important vitamin in our body, in large amounts it could produce calcium stones and kidney stones. In higher doses it could be a problem if not excreted. This would then get you back on number 1, which is drinking more water. If you drink Vitamin C everyday, make sure that you excrete those that the body doesn’t need. Drink lots of water and you’ll notice that your urine may be a bit darker orange in color because of the Vitamin C.
  4. Lessen your protein intake protein is another one of the substances that could form kidney stones in high amounts. Uric acid stones are formed when animal protein goes into the urine stream. Lessen your intake in meat.
  5. Exercise more importantly, although the above-mentioned food cannot be avoided, the best thing to do is excrete them later on. The best way to do that is by exercising. Protein specifically can be used up by your muscles, the calcium used up by your bones, and the Vitamin C excreted through body liquids.
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Why not get the best out of both worlds? You can still eat the food that you love (in minimal and reasonable amounts), and exercise them out of your system. These remedies are the least expensive and the easiest ones that you can do.

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