What Happens To Our Body While We Run?

If you decide to take up running, to feel all the good things that it brings, it is inevitable to feel a certain body changes while you run. If you feel a change during training in a period of thirty minutes, do not be afraid because it is an indicator that you are doing something good for your body.

First moments running:  As soon as you start running, your body will begin to draw the energy you get through food.

The first 90 seconds: In the first 90 seconds, you are setting the rhythm of the run. The processes in the body that take place during this period will result in a low blood sugar, and your muscles will start to release lactic acid. This means that you are under physical stress, which certainly is not terrible because it means that you have started to burn a lot more calories.

The next few minutes:
In these few minutes, the heart will start beating faster and your breathing will become more difficult. Body temperature rises as a result of the sweating, and it’s just another good sign. During this period, many beginners want to give up, but it is very important to endure and to continue running with the same pace.

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After 10 minutes
If you are a beginner, after 10 minutes you will feel even greater difficulties like shortness of breath, but it will be solved if you learn to change the tempo of the run. Keep a normal jogging pace, but as soon as you start to wheeze, reduce your pace. Once you calm down, turn up the pace again and so on because it is important not to over stress yourself, to keep the will to continue, and not to give up.

After 30 minutes
At the end there is a prize for you. The body no longer needs so much fuel, and the reward for that is the release of the hormone that causes happiness. Therefore,you will feel satisfied and full of energy, and it will give you the motivation to run again tomorrow.

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