4 Ways to Kill Yourself on Your Medical Tourism Vacation

Dangers of Medical Tourism

More Westerners are discovering the benefits of cheaper plastic surgery prices in developing countries where the cost of everything from brow lift surgery to full scale body lifts are a fraction of what they’d pay in their home countries. The standards of medical care and equipment are Western style, but the prices are decidedly not. This is not to say that people who travel abroad for medical tourism will always have excellent results. Botched surgeries, although rare, are not unheard of.

So, what would you have to do to make sure your medical tourism vacation is a failure?

Price Shop Till You Drop…Literally

Since the whole point of going abroad is to save bucks on your medical treatment, it absolutely makes sense to go for the cheapest most shoe string budget facility possible. After all, if a top Thai hospital offers a liposuction procedure at $3,000, there must be dozens of obscure hospitals in the Thai hillside that can offer even lower plastic surgery prices, plus a discount. Look for these. Give all the JCI accredited hospitals a miss. Who needs certification when snazzy Web sites and clever marketing can tell you everything you need to know about a facility’s standards and quality?

Nip and Tuck till It Kills You

When you drop by for your first appointment with your Thai plastic surgeon, and the genial doctor asks what he can do for you, whip out a four page long computerized printout detailing exactly what you want to get done and where. Include as many cosmetic treatments as possible – breast implants, thigh lift, cheek implants, upper arm lift, tummy tuck, some lipo on the butt, and some brow lift surgery while you’re at it. After all, you’re a medical tourist and want to get your money’s worth. 10 surgeries for the price of a single plane ticket – now, that’s true cost saving. If the good doctor begins wringing his hands, freeze him with a glacial stare. What does he know? He’s never lived in LA.

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Give the Whole Research Shmesearch a Miss

Didn’t you read somewhere that Thai surgeons are masters of cosmetic surgery because of their experience transforming men into women? That’s all the research you need. Any guy who can shave off an Adam’s apple and create a smooth neckline gets your vote. So what if he isn’t much of a breast expert? It’s all the same thing anyway. As for researching the countries and their records, how risky could treatment in a foreign land be anyway? If you can survive the plane trip into the country, you should be just fine.

Go Scuba Diving Two Days After Your Surgery

You’re in Thailand, for heaven’s sake. These people came up with the sun, sand and surgery magic formula. They wouldn’t say that if it wasn’t perfectly safe to go exploring underwater on that gorgeous island from that Leonardo Di Caprio movie right after your surgery, now would they? You’re still a little dizzy from the damn anesthesia, you can’t feel your breasts, and you’re all fitted out in your scuba diving gear. What could possibly go wrong?
In all seriousness, medical tourism is not without its dangers. Putting your health and safety in the hands of a total stranger can be daunting for many. This is why extensive research and planning are essential to the process. Ask questions, be willing to pay above market-price when necessary, and never agree to anything that doesn’t sit well with you.

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