5 Things to Remember Before Your Hip Replacement Surgery Abroad

Can’t Afford Hip Replacement Surgery?

Because hip replacement surgery presents so many challenges, it is usually explored as a last resort. There are several more conservative treatments for hip conditions, and patients should investigate these before taking the plunge. However, once all other options have been exhausted, researching and booking hip replacement surgery can be as easy as a phone call or a click of the mouse. With medical tourism on the rise, finding a suitable place you can afford is much easier.

Hip Replacement Surgery is Becoming More Expensive

The devastating facts are that many patients cannot afford the cost of hip replacement surgeries. In the US the cost of hip replacement surgery can get as high as $45,000 per hip. The low cost of hip replacement surgery in countries like India and Thailand, however, offers an affordable alternative for those looking for bargains. Indian hospitals and the quality of care Americans are experiencing overseas is quickly opening up more options. Wockhart Hospital is one hospital that is raising eyebrows.

However, determining where to go can be a challenge if you are not an experienced or adventurous traveler. Here are 5 tips to remember to ask yourself before making arrangements, singing papers, and getting on a plane.

5 Tips for a Safe Health Vacation

1. Do you have all my medical tourism documentation?

Bringing your medical records with you on your trip is extremely important. It is imperative that your surgeon knows what you have had done already, what allergies you have, and any chronic conditions are documented. In addition, airport security should have easy access to any doctor notes regarding your medication. They must stop you at the security check and you’ll need to be able to explain why you have that “bag of pills” with you.

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2. Have you asked the right types of questions?

Have you checked the accreditation, education, qualifications, credentials, certification, and success rates of your doctor and/or facility? Have you asked the right types of questions?

3. Do you have visas, documentation, and travel papers?

Do you have the requisite visa paperwork? Clearance from the embassy? Return ticket? Valid passport?

4. Will you be able to travel and sightsee on your medical tourism vacation?

Medical tourism vacations are not always luxury affairs. Before booking exciting excursions, make sure you have your doctor’s permission first. Can you sun bathe after hip replacement surgery? What about hikes? Scuba diving? Etc.

5. Handle your affairs at home before leaving for your health vacation?

Making sure you know how long you will be away and ensuring all your household responsibilities are taken care of is additionally important. Traveling that far away from home can be difficult in the face of an emergency. Finding someone suitable to take care of your home and personal affairs may be a smart thing to do.

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