A Brief Checklist for Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip Replacement Surgery Secrets

Does your hip go,” ooh, aah, and ouch” when you walk. Do you need a walker to move even a few steps? Are you finding it difficult to do even the simplest things due to a bum hip joint?

You could require a hip replacement surgery. But with soaring medical costs, for the elderly and retired, the cost of hip replacement surgery can be prohibitively expensive ( $35,000 to $45,000). But for the adventurous patient, a health vacation to India can reap multiple benefits. The cost of a hip replacement surgery is less than 20% of the cost in the US and UK, (about $7000) and with the savings, you can finance a recuperative health vacation in the health resort of your choice.
We’ve Got Loads of Medical Tourism Help

Worried about being taken for a ride? Most prominent hospitals have partnered up with reputable tour operators who provide detailed medical tourism help to the international patient. For example, the managing director of Treasure Tours &T ravels, says,

“we have set up a panel of 12 doctors, experts in their respective field of treatment to form an advisory committee. Our strategy is to affiliate with leading hospitals, insurance companies and physicians abroad, develop partnerships with airlines, hospitals and hotels in India, to offer an integrated package to patients seeking treatment and post-operative recovery.”

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Medical Tourism Help for a Safe Health Vacation

Here are a few easy steps to help make sure you opt for reputable hospitals and tour operators:

  • Most tour operators will deal with all the hassles of traveling, accommodation, food and drink, as well as booking a health resort for you. But to be on the safer side, always talk to the hospital and doctor beforehand to check over the pricing, facts, and concerns.
  • Get all commitments and incidental costs in writing before starting on a trip.
  • During your negotiations with medical tourism brokers, be sure to establish any payment schedules beforehand. Some hospitals and brokers require a down payment or deposit before the procedure.
  • Finally try to talk to past patients and clients to get their reactions. Hospitals and tour operators should be able to connect you to some, but you can also use Medical Tourism Forums as well.

With sensible preparation and plenty of medical tourism help, you can create a health vacation that not only fixes your bum joint, but also makes you a healthier & happier person overall.

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