A Hungary, Toothy Smile

Medical Tourism for the Perfect Smile

Hungary is one of a handful of European countries that are trying very successfully to carve out their slice of the medical tourism pie. Unlike bigger players like India and Thailand, these countries, including Bulgaria and Poland restrict the bulk of their services to the toothy kind. Plastic surgery or life saving cardiac procedures don’t figure too prominently on the menu here, and the lure for most medical travelers is the kind of dental work they offer at staggeringly lowered prices.

Looking Good without Plastic Surgery

Most patients who arrive in Hungary are Europeans, while Americans too have begun to stream in. Besides the cost of dental procedures, from filings and root canals to implants, these former Iron Curtain countries also lure the traveler in search of an exotic mysterious locale. If you’re done getting an implant, you could spend the rest of your holiday people-watching at little cafés, or trying out the region’s famous wines, castle tours, or delicious cuisine.

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Keeping the Costs of Root Canals Down

The reason for the savings is the dramatically reduced cost of labor in these regions of Europe. Traditionally, the business has depended on Europeans, particularly those from Germany and Austria, for the bulk of its patients. People already in the country for cheaper cigarettes were more likely to take the cost savings a step further by getting their teeth fixed while in the country. With the difference in costs in these goods narrowing, Hungarian dentists have turned to English and American markets to lure patients.
Towns like Mosonmagyarovar and Sopron, which are the hubs of the dental tourism industry in Hungary, offer more than cheap fillings. The region is home to thermal springs, spas and castles, and offers the dental tourist plenty of outdoor activity options including kayaking and horse riding.

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