Affordable Dental Care for the Not so AcciDENTAL Tourist

Dental Tourism is Big Business in South America

Although South American cities like Rio de Janeiro have long been the most popular choices for affordable cosmetic surgery, they are also carving out enviable niches thanks to the quality of dental care treatments available there. Taking advantage of the natural beauty of the land, medical tourism companies have sprung up all over the continent, offering affordable healthcare services to foreign patients. While tummy tucks and boob jobs are the main reasons American women in need of enhancement hop onto a Rio bound flight, the affordable cost of dental procedures coupled with the high quality of after-care are increasingly becoming attractive.

Cosmetic and Dental Tourism: Destination South America

We’ve all suspected that Brazilian and Venezuelan beauties have more than just their genes to thanks for their stunning bodies. Venezuelan beauty queens, in particular, have been known to get their teeth fixed and smile perfected before a major pageant. Unlike the rest of the planet, (you can’t really announce, “I am going to Rio to get butt implants” at the office water cooler) people here aren’t embarrassed to admit they have had work done on any part of their anatomy. This sang froid attitude added to the extremely affordable cosmetic and dental procedures offered by the best healthcare facilities, is probably the reason why Latin America has such huge representation in the world of beauty. So, if price was the only reason why you faced the world with a crooked smile all these years, a little toothy tourism in Buenos Aires could be just right for you.

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Dental Tourism in South America: How it Compares with Domestic Care

A professional teeth whitening procedure in the US would cost anywhere between $350 and $800 while a more complex dental implant procedure would cost up to $2000. The same procedures, when performed in Costa Rica or Venezuela, would cost up to 75% less with the same dazzling results. An added bonus – You don’t necessarily have to stop at just the pearly whites. Take advantage of the affordable prices for healthcare here and throw in a cosmetic job while you’re at it.

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