Affordable Dental Care: Tourism of a Different Kind in Croatia

Cheap Health Care

Croatia, a place known for its sunshine, is now luring tourists with the prospect of inexpensive health care. Although the quality of treatment in Croatia is on par with other developed countries, its affordable dental care is twice as cheap as the average in Italy, and nearly four times cheaper than dental care in the United Kingdom. Croatia’s reputation as a provider of quality, inexpensive health care continues to bring in a growing number of patients and queries. Though only 10% of patients are currently foreigners, dentists in Croatia are optimistic that these numbers will increase.

Affordable Dental Care and Tourism

Dentists from the best dental hospitals in Croatia promoted their services in London while participating in the recently concluded “Body Beautiful Show.” They are hopeful that low cost airfares coupled with their affordable dental care facilities will attract more foreign patients. As the cost of dental care is often out of reach for the locals, Croatia’s best hospitals are reaching out to tourists in the hopes of raising their profits.

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Tour Operators Targeting Health care

Tour operators, such as Provisor, are also acting as facilitators between foreign patients and Croatian dental hospitals, even bringing patients in during the off seasons. They are promoting dental tourism by providing accommodation and sightseeing trips along with treatment in the clinics.

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