Affordable Health Care Might Cost More in the Long Run

Benefits of Health Care Abroad

The cost benefits of going to a foreign country for health care are tempting. The immediate savings for treatment coupled with the high quality care prompt many U.S. citizens to seek health care elsewhere, especially those without medical insurance. More affordable treatments are available just across the border in Mexico.

Affordable Dental Care

Less expensive cosmetic surgery, cardiac care, and dentistry form a major part of medical tourism. Dental implants and other procedures are much cheaper elsewhere than in the U.S. A tooth extraction with X-ray, for example, costs $150 in Texas and is only $50 a few miles away in Mexico. Though particularly beneficial to the uninsured, those who are insured may be covered if their dentist belongs to a ‘network’ of preferred dentists listed by the insurance provider.

Think Twice About Additional Health Care and Unrelated Costs

Low cost is great, but the issue of liability is virtually absent in countries where affordable health care is available. The legal consequences of an erroneous or careless treatment favor the consumer in the U.S, but are noticeably absent for treatements performed abroad. Also, in many cases, follow-up visits or post-op treatments are required. Costs can soar when additional trips become necessary. Many patients have to visit their local dentist when the initially affordable dental care fails or results in complications. This cost is out of pocket as insurance companies do not pay twice for the same procedure. When such problems arise, the alluring charm of health care abroad loses some of its gloss.

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