Affordable Healthcare: A Reality in the Philippines

Cosmetic Surgery in the Philippines

The Philippines is providing stiff competition for countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, and India in the race to woo foreign patients. The affordable healthcare and the well qualified doctors here have helped make the Philippines and easy choice for many patients from the West. Cosmetic surgery in the Philippines is much cheaper than in established competitors like South Africa. And though the Philippines cannot provide safaris like South Africa can, it can provide excellent medical care at a fraction of the cost that South Africa charges for its cosmetic surgery procedures.

The Dangers of Liposuction and Face Lifts in the Philippines

The lure of affordable healthcare should not blind people to the possible dangers of liposuction and other cosmetic procedures. There are some licensed doctors in the Philippines who are untrained, unqualified, or simply not skilled in cosmetic surgery. Many such doctors legally perform cosmetic surgery since the Filipino government allows any licensed doctor to perform cosmetic procedures. Such self-proclaimed cosmetic surgeons, though trained in medicine, are inexperienced in cosmetic procedures and should be avoided. But there are many educated and trained plastic surgeons who can provide excellent treatment and cosmetic surgery.

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The Philippines thrives because of them. Nevertheless, the dangers of receiving liposuction treatments, face lifts, and breast augmentations from unqualified surgeons are numerous, so thorough research is recommended for anyone traveling to the Philippines for cosmetic surgery. The chances of dying because of liposuction are 3 in 100,000 (compared to 16 accident related deaths per 100,000 drivers), and thus, patients should stick with trustworthy physicians, fully certified surgeons, and hospitals that possess accreditation from internationally recognized bodies.

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