Affordable Healthcare in India for Britons

Affordable Healthcare with Medical Packages to India

Every year, around 150,000 foreigners, including those from Britain, opt for affordable healthcare in Indian hospitals. They take advantage of medical packages that combine international travel with quality medical treatments at affordable prices.

Medical Packages to India

India has become one of the most popular choices for medical care because it offers world-class quality and affordable healthcare at the same time. According to Taj Medical Group, a knee surgery costing approximately £10,000 in the UK would cost less than £5,000 in India. And that would include travel and accommodations. European patients who need minor operations also take advantage of medical packages to India that merge treatment with high-class resort vacations, something unthinkable or unavailable in many western nations.

International Travel Medical Care

The medical tourism business in India is now worth £170 million annually and is still growing at an unprecedented pace. India’s Jaslok Hospital director-general, Colonel Masand, says that BUPA, the British United Provident Association, sends many of their patients there. Taj Medical has begun to treat British patients that the public health services either refuse or simply cannot treat. “The Government has told obese people they will not be able to have any operations unless they lose weight, which is a problem if they have hip or knee problems and cannot exercise.” They resort to international travel medical care and have their operations here. In order to cash in on this trend, Taj Hotels are planning to link up with Apollo Hospitals to present even more attractive medical packages in the future.

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Affordable Healthcare and Technology

Apart from being considered a modern medical mecca, India is also seen as a hotspot for medical technology. Already worth $1.3 billion, the medical technology business is set to double in 5 years. Diagnostics, for example, is already being outsourced to India. Whereas a top American radiologist might earn $300,000 per year, his Indian counterpart takes home $20,000. Dhandapany Ragavan of Siemens Medical Solutions says, “It is only a question of time before public institutions send patients to India to reduce healthcare costs.”

Source: Nabanita Sircar, “India’s Medical Facilities Big Hit in UK,” HindustanTimes, February 11

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