Affordable Healthcare in South Asia

Great Hospitality and Affordable Healthcare

The continent of Asia is renowned for its hospitality. The region has a number of exotic holiday destinations and is increasingly wooing tourists with affordable healthcare procedures. Medical tourists flock to the region not only for complicated treatments but also in search of cosmetic procedures to enhance their physical features. In Western countries, cosmetic surgery financing can be quite expensive but this is not the case in developing countries.

Cosmetic Surgery Financing in the Region

Close to 300,000 medical tourists visit India annually, and out of this, a third opt for plastic surgery procedures like liposuction. The cost of liposuction is low in India in comparison to other countries. Not only India, but countries like Malaysia and Thailand too are experiencing a growth in the number of tourists seeking cosmetic surgery. This is because of the low cost cosmetic surgery financing available throughout the region. Patients with severe medical conditions like extreme obesity, requiring surgical intervention, are attracted to procedures like liposuction as the cost of liposuction is lower in these countries.

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Rapid Growth Driven by Affordable Healthcare

The rapid growth in the medical tourism industry of South Asia is driven by the low cost but high quality procedures offered. Thailand alone played host to approximately 1.3 million medical tourists last year. A majority of these were seeking aesthetic treatments because of the variety of cosmetic surgery financing options available. Similarly, in neighboring Malaysia, about 400 tourists sought surgical intervention to enhance their physical features at KPJ Hospital. Singapore has also seen a quantum leap in the number of tourists seeking affordable healthcare procedures like liposuction, the cost of which is relatively low when compared to Western countries. Initially, only about 20 percent of these tourists opted for cosmetic procedures. Now, the number has increased to more than 50 percent. More and more hospitals in the region are offering affordable healthcare in a multitude of specialties.

Source: Sheralyn Tay, “Face of Medical Travel Looking Up in Asia,” Singapore News, December 15

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