Agra to Provide the World with Cheap Health Care

Medical Centers in Agra to Tout Medical Packages

In the hope of cashing in on the modern trend of medical tourism by providing cheap health care, hospitals and medical centers in Agra are affiliating themselves with well-established institutions. They are also offering plans for medical travel insurance in India and medical packages in India to attract growing numbers of medical tourists. Over the past year, numerous hospitals providing medical services to Indians, with or without medical travel insurance in India, have been set up. And then there are the mushrooming world class super specialty hospitals that hope to entice medical tourists from abroad with attractive medical packages in India.

Alliances to Make Cheap Health Care a Reality

Ravi Pachauri, director of the Fortis Hospital, Noida, and Ravi Hospital, Agra, predicts that, with these forthcoming amenities, Agra will soon be an established center for medical tourism offering cheap health care and probably, the most attractive medical packages in India. Some of the more illustrious alliances already in place are:

  • Fortis Hospital, Noida, and Ravi Hospital, Agra
  • Apollo Hospitals and Pankaj Mahendru- Apollo Pankaj
  • Mefcom Agro Ind, USA, and Kamayani Patients Care India
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Other hospitals that have updated their facilities and their services to prepare for the influx of medical tourists in search of cheap health care and medical packages in India are Pushpanjali, Heritage, Metro, Shanti Ved, GG Nursing Home, Pareek’s, Sarkar’s, and Nawal Kishore’s.

Medical Travel Insurance in India – Another Perk for Medical Tourism in the Country

Research centers and medical training establishments are sprouting up by the dozen. This development along with affordable rates, shorter queues for organs and procedures, and medical travel insurance in India, point to a bright future for the Indian medical tourism industry.

Source: “Agra Hospitals Modernize to Receive Medical Tourists,” India News, October 24

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