All About Medical Tourism

What Is Health Tourism?

Health tourism or medical tourism is the process by which patients travel to foreign countries to seek medical, dental or surgical treatment. Affordable medical costs, ease of international travel, high standards of medical care in foreign countries, a favourable rate of currency exchange, little or no waiting time for treatment, and the chance to combine medical treatment with a holiday abroad are some of the factors that have spurred the growth of the medical tourism industry. Countries like Malaysia have seen a growth of ten percent in the number of foreigners seeking health tourism options here. In 2006, 110,000 tourists visited Malaysia for medical tourism, up from 100,000 the previous year.

Is Medical Tourism Safe?

“Is medical tourism safe?” This is one of the first and probably the most important question that comes to mind in any discussion about health tourism. Tourists seeking medical treatment abroad must perform rigorous background checks on the hospitals and doctors they plan to visit. The internet is a vast storehouse of information and should be used extensively to research standards, facilities, and personnel.
Most hospitals in the medical tourism industry have international accreditation, highly educated doctors, well trained staff, super specialists in a variety of fields, and excellent infrastructure. Thailand, Malaysia, India, Singapore, and the Philippines are some of the most sought-after medial tourism destinations worldwide. These countries have world class facilities where surgeries cost a fraction of what they would in Western countries. To answer the question “is medical tourism safe?” it would be safe to say it is perfectly safe if you choose the right hospital and doctor.

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There are a number of agencies that facilitate medical tourism, and prospective tourists can get information about the doctor, the hospital, cost of treatment, and tourism options as well. Health tourism can be a safe and affordable choice. However, patients need to explore and research all options available thoroughly before making a decision.

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