As Plastic Surgery Prices Skyrocket, Tourists Flock to India

Medical Tourism Booms in India

Medical tourism is nothing new. The healing god, Asklepios, at Epidaurus in Greece was revered by people from across the Mediterranean. After the Roman Empire fell, Britons unearthed a mineral well at Bath known for its healing powers. The 18th century saw wealthy Europeans travelling to spas in Germany and to the Nile, all for medical attention.

What once began as pilgrimages has developed into a multibillion industry with countries like India, Thailand, Singapore, Cuba, Costa Rica, Brazil, and South Africa leading the way. With affordability and quality as the main draws, medical tourism, especially in India is reaching new heights every day. For example, the cost of a root canal in India ranges between US$75 to US$200. Plastic surgery prices are similarly low with rhinoplasty costing about US$1,600. Compare this to prices in the UK or US.

Low Cost of Root Canal Added to the Medical Tourism Experience

It’s no secret that affordability is the driving force behind the medical tourism industry. Take the case of this patient who almost had to cancel a vacation to India due to sudden pain in the jaw because of a botched root canal. To fix this problem stateside, he would have to pay $1,500 or more. Surfing the internet, he came across medical tourism in India where medical care was inexpensive. Not only was he able to keep his vacation plans, but he also managed to have the procedure performed (in India) for about $200.

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Precautions with Medical Tourism

There are a few precautions that every prospective patient must take before opting for medical tourism. Researching the doctors’ credentials and the hospital’s affiliations is the first step one should take. Checking on insurance claims and familiarising oneself with the customs of the medical tourism country can also help the average tourist prepare for the experience. So the next time you are bothered with the cost of a root canal or anything else, for that matter, perhaps you should set your sights on India.

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