Avoiding the Hidden Costs of Dental Medical Vacations

Planning a Dental Tourism Vacation?

Dental tourism vacations and medical vacations in general have attracted increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of the globe to countries such as India, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, the Philippines, and Singapore. In instances where the cost of the medical vacation includes inpatient accommodation, all meals, transport, and in some cases, accommodation during the recovery period, the incentive to turn a regular holiday into a medical one is greatly enhanced. Despite the lack of viable insurance options for elective surgeries, dental tourism continues to thrive, particularly in Asia. One website reports that Singapore has one of the highest dentist–population ratios in the world with one dentist per 5,000 people. They claim that the high quality dental infrastructure supported by imported dental products and equipment makes the country a preferred destination as a dentistry center in Southeast Asia.

Combining Dental Bonding with Medical Tourism

Dental bonding is a common procedure used to correct broken or uneven teeth, taking between a half hour and one hour to complete each tooth. The treatment, although simple and relatively quick, can be out of reach for those who need to have several teeth done at the same time. Webmd.com reported that bonding can range in price from $100 to $400 for each tooth. As a result, more people are turning to medical tourism to provide relief.

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Are There Any Hidden Costs for Medical Vacations?

As with anything, making an informed decision requires a good deal of prior research. It would be unwise to jump at the cheapest offer available without checking the credentials of the dentist or the accreditation of the hospital. A poor choice can lead to dissatisfaction and/or the need to undo the damage and redo the procedure at a higher cost with a more qualified dentist. This is exacerbated by the severely limited availability of insurance for overseas cosmetic dentistry. It’s also important to check exactly what facilities and benefits are included in the package price. Making assumptions could turn out to be a costly mistake. When planning the trip, be sure to book well in advance, preferably outside of the peak tourist season, for the best deals on airfare.

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