Basking in a Dental Chair: Affordable Dental Care in Bangkok

Off to Bangkok for Cheerful Smiles: Cheap Healthcare for Your Choppers

You couldn’t find a better place than Thailand to get dental work done at throwaway prices. This, after all, is the Land of Smiles and everywhere you look you’ll find the most dazzling set of pearly whites flashing away, all getting positively more beaming by the day. The country’s dentists are reputed to be the best in the region, and visitors are beginning to notice the quality and affordable prices of dental care here. With over a million medical tourists visiting the country annually for cheap yet high quality healthcare, Thai dentistry seems to be carving out its slice of this multi-billion dollar pie. In fact, affordable dental treatment is the fastest growing segment in the health tourism industry here and is backed by standards of treatment and care comparable to those in the West.

Where to Go for Cheap Health and Dental Care in Bangkok

If you’ve never had so much as an anti-allergy shot in a foreign clinic and don’t intend to get too adventurous, you’re probably better off visiting a high end hospital for any kind of dental work. Bangkok has a number of these, but the Big Daddy of them all has to be Bumrungrad International Hospital on Sukhumvit. Reputed to be the best in Thailand if not Asia, it was the first Asian hospital to be accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) which means that their standards have successfully made it through a list of 350 “must haves” established by the JCI – from safety and hygiene to evacuation signage in English. Services include everything from a high tech cardiac center and obstetrics to general and specialized dental treatments at their upscale clinics on campus. Personalized attention borders on fawning at this Bangkok landmark, and it easily dominates the Thai medical tourism industry with the competition desperately trying to keep pace. From the Starbucks in the lobby to the multi-lingual interpreters, everything at Bumrungrad is geared towards the international traveler, whether one comes for the dental clinics or cosmetic scalpels. If you expected an Asian hospital to be the kind of place where patients are asked to bring their own cotton and syringes, you’d be surprised. All dental equipment at this Bangkok health center is sterilized and packed individually to be opened only in your presence.

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Finding Your Dentist at Bumrungrad Dental Clinics, Bangkok

The surgeons at Bumrungrad International’s dental clinics have impressive resumes that include American qualifications which should put the truly paranoid at ease. You can easily check the credentials of their Bangkok doctors online and choose the ones who have foreign degrees or considerable Western experience. A price guide is available, and though rates are not as cheap as say in India, they are still way cheaper than in the US. Other healthcare tests and scans are just as cost friendly, and many Westerners visit this Bangkok hospital for annual checkups and screenings besides regularly flying in for work on their choppers. At the end of the day, a dentist is the same no matter which part of the world you’re in – a terrifyingly cheerful chap in a white coat with a menacing looking drill in his hand. It might hurt a lot less, however, if you end up with minimal damage to your wallet.

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