Beautiful in Brazil with Medical Tourism

Plastic Surgery Shapes Up Brazil

Surf the internet for plastic surgery options and chances are, Brazil will top the list. Rock-bottom prices for all kinds of plastic surgery procedures (including low cost for face lifts, liposuction, and Botox) make Brazil the destination of choice for the beauty conscious and medical tourist alike. And it is not only the foreigners who flock to Brazil for a bit of plastic surgery, Miss Brazil 2001 admitted to having had about 23 cosmetic procedures.

In a country inhabited by beautiful people, Miss Brazil is not the only one who wants to look slimmer, sexier, and younger. Vanessa Nunes, 32, wasn’t happy with the way she looked, so she opted for a bit of plastic surgery. “I was looking like a girl, I was feeling like a girl, and now, right after leaving the clinic I felt different already,” says Nunes. “Something like, ‘OK people are looking now.’ I like it.” Plastic surgery brought her a type of attention and satisfaction that normal exercise and dieting never could.

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Comparative Cost of Face Lift Surgery

The biggest attraction of Brazilian medical tourism is the low costs. The cost of face lift surgery including surgeon and hospital fees, meals, tests, anesthesia, implants (if required), all kinds of consultations, transfers from the airport to the hospital, medication, local mobile phone use and an English speaking personal assistant comes to about US$ 2000. When compared to North America or Europe, these costs are about 50% or even 33% of what you might have to pay back home. Though countries like India and Thailand might offer better rates, if it is beauty enhancement one is looking for, it is best to head for a country where beauty touches every facet of life, work, and play.

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