Beauty Price Tag in the Form of Medical Tourism

Brow Lift Surgery in Tunisia

They say that you can’t put a price on beauty. But how about comfort? In the United States, for example, the cost of brow lift surgery can exceed $2,800. The cost of the same brow lift surgery in Tunisia is roughly the same; give or take a hundred dollars. So which do you choose? Both will help patients to restore their youthful appearance by tightening the frown lines above the eyes in the brow area. However, a Stateside procedure requires that you travel to the hospital, receive the procedure, and hide out in your home for days or weeks as your face heals from the bruising and scaring. A Tunisian procedure follows the same basic steps with some fairly important differences. You can open the curtains in your luxurious hotel room to gaze at incredible views and enjoy five star personal attention and free transportation to and from the hospital/hotel. You recover in relative anonymity as you shop, tour, and see the sights. Again, which do you choose?

Intangible Costs of Brow Lift Surgery

Health and Medical Tourism describes the potential side effects and complications of brow lifts as rare, although they do happen. Injury to the nerves that control eyebrow movement, scarring, loss of hair or numbness, infection, and bleeding are some of the potential, but unlikely risks patients may experience. Recovery varies from person to person, but on average, after 10 days, patients can resume most normal activities. Bear in mind that with medical tourism, patients have more luxury to relax before returning to life’s hustle and bustle. You’re not gonna look pretty for awhile, so being abroad brings certain intangible benefits.

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Next Step: Plastic Surgery Financing

So you’ve decided to go for it. You’ve have all of your questions answered, and you’re ready to take the plunge. Now what? You pay for it; either out of pocket or through plastic surgery financing (a popular option for most). For although medical tourism is still more affordable than domestic care in certain cases (up to 70% savings in a place like Tunisia), it still requires money. A company like the Go Sculptura Group offers plastic surgery financing options with responses in roughly 30 minutes. Their packages, like many other companies’, cover hotel costs, meals, and transportation to and from the hotel and medical facility; at the time of this writing, they do not include airfare or shopping expenses. However, there are countless medical tourism brokers that can and do offer comparable deals worth exploring.

If you’re somewhat more independent (you don’t like packaged deals), you can also arrange to receive insurance or financing on your own. However this option involves a lot more research, and in most cases, you won’t have too much luck for elective procedures. But anything is worth a try, right? After all, beauty has no price.

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