Best Indian Health Vacations at Kerala

The Indian Medical Tourism Industry

Medical tourism in India has gained immense popularity on foreign shores over the past few years, with Indian health vacations luring travellers by offering affordable healthcare and personalized service. The southern state of Kerala is striving to create the kind of infrastructure that it needs to rank among the most favoured medical tourism destinations in the world by 2010. The government plans to implement a module called “Vision 2010” to raise the potential for medical tourism in India. Addressing the media on Indian medical tourism, Kerala Tourism Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan announced that the state planned to welcome 100,000 visitors per year by 2010.

Medical Tourism in India: Scaling New Heights

Indian medical tourism is set to achieve newer breakthroughs. Realizing the potential for medical tourism in India, the government has appointed the ICRA to study the scope for growth and opportunities in the sector. Countries like Singapore, Thailand, South Africa, Argentina, and Hungary are already leaders in medical tourism. Indian health vacations have to equal if not better the facilities offered in these countries in order to become a force to reckon with in the industry.
One major factor affecting Indian medical tourism is the lack of accreditation and standardisation of hospitals and clinics. To rectify this, the government of India, especially in Kerala, is working with the National Accreditation Board. The Kerala Tourism Minister is working to upgrade all hospitals in Kerala to international standards to attract more medical tourists. “The government would also initiate vigorous campaigns to portray the medical tourism potential in other countries”, Balakrishnan stated. The Kerala government is showcasing the medical tourism potential of the state by organizing innovative road shows in countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Maldives, and Sri Lanka.

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