Britons Sink Their Teeth into Medical Vacations

Britons Seek Dental Tourism Help Online

UK newspapers report that traffic from Britons researching overseas dental treatments on dental tourism help site has increased 53% in the last year. Scotland on Sunday reporter Emma Lunn says that the number of Britons going abroad for a dental or medical vacation “is soaring” because “they are regularly saving thousands of pounds.” Using the site’s dental savings calculator, users found that traveling abroad for a medical vacation saved them an average of £3,745, or 63%. “Most people searching on the site want dental implants, dental veneers, or teeth whitening, and the most popular destinations are Hungary and Poland,” writes Lunn.

Cutting the Cost of Dental Veneers and Other Cosmetic Procedures says Hungary is a popular search on its site among Britons looking to cut the cost of dental veneers or teeth whitening. The site reports that Hungary is “one of the top dental destinations in the world, particularly if you are looking for a cosmetic dentist,” citing that dental tourists on medical vacations spent over 600 million euro in 2006 on dental procedures in the scenic country. This trend is far from new, however, as a million dental tourists a year from Austria alone have been crossing the border for quite some time. The reasons for all the tourist traffic include low prices and quality care. “Hungarian dentists are some of the most highly trained and qualified in Europe,” reports, “and thanks to low labor and laboratory costs, they are also among some of the most price-competitive.”

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One Journalist’s Medical Vacation

Sandra Lawrence, a writer for the UK’s Telegraph newspaper, reported on her dental tourism experience in a recent issue. After her dentist announced she needed a dental implant and told her the price, she was shocked. “£2,900?” she told her UK dentist, “I could have a holiday for that!” After researching dental tourism packages, she decided on Budapest and packed her bags. Lawrence says she saved £1,000 with a medical vacation in Hungary and is happy with the results of her procedure.

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