Build a Dental Bridge to India!

Inci “DENTAL” Cosmetic Surgery in India!

India the land of Yoga, Ashrams, and oriental mysticism is now promising stylish smiles, spanking new crowns, beautiful dental bridges, and implants for an ever-increasing number of people from foreign shores. That’s right; medical tourism to India now includes dental cosmetic surgery.

Why Do I Need Dental Bridges?

In our image-conscious, MTV world, smiles count for a lot. People will often make their first impression based on your face and your smile. So if you want to close those picket-fence gaps in your grin, dental bridges could be the perfect solution. Dental bridges appear natural, requiring about 3 treatment visits of 45 minutes each, and they usually last for 10 years.

Is the Cost of Dental Bridges Worth It?

Thanks to the growing field of dental cosmetic surgery in India, medical tourists now have access to countless experienced dentists, high-tech facilities, and multispecialty centers to fulfill their dreams of a “Hollywoodian smile.” But unlike dental work in Hollywood, the cost of dental bridges in India won’t break the bank. Depending on the quality you choose, the cost of a dental bridge comes to about $70 per tooth.

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Medical Tourism to India at a Fraction of the Cost?

By choosing to receive dental and cosmetic treatment in India, you can meet your healthcare needs, set aside the cost of high insurance premiums, and get access to top quality service at affordable prices. What’s more, you can combine that trip to the dentist (which most people dislike) with a relaxing vacation in a new country (which most people enjoy). Countless people have already taken the plunge, and it is very likely that the number of medical tourists to India will only increase as the word gets out.

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