Buttocks Augmentation in Brazil: Cosmetic Surgery’s Newest Medical Tourism Highlight

Buttocks Augmentation in Brazil: Cosmetic Surgery’s Newest Medical Tourism Highlight

Singers, dancers, and actresses of today have turned the “behind” into a desirable asset, and those who aren’t blessed by genes are more than wiling to turn to surgeons to give themselves a “lift.” But, the dramatic costs of health care in the United States make it difficult to justify cosmetic surgeries, from face lifts to buttocks augmentation. The costs of such procedures are essentially impossible for most Americans to afford. Yet, with the buttocks being one of the most difficult areas of the body to tone or “round out,” not to mention one of the more noticeable personal features, more and more people are beginning to look into buttocks augmentation abroad. Depending on whether the surgery is a lift, fat transference, or implant insertion, the procedure may cost around $4,000 in the US, but it could be more than $1,000 cheaper abroad.

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Brazilian “Butt Lifts” Create Medical Tourism Draw

Patients who travel to Brazil for gluteoplasty, affectionately known as the “Brazilian Butt Lift,” may find that they prefer this alternative to implants and Botox injections. The “butt lift” is the gluteal version of the increasingly popular and more familiar breast lift. According to the Plastic Surgery Portal, the risks of this type of buttocks augmentation are minimal with healing times of 1-2 months. During this cosmetic surgery procedure, fat is removed from the buttocks, cleaned, and strategically replaced and packed to produce a rounder, firmer rear. Though the procedure typically draws women, men, too seek this kind of enhancement. The end result of the butt lift is a sensually appealing figure. Although the cost of either type of buttocks augmentation can be expensive, when they’re combined with medical tourism, the result translates into money well spent.

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