Can a Health Vacation Actually Make You Slimmer?

Low Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery abroad Makes Weight Loss Even Better

Interested in affordable weight loss? Interested in an exciting vacation? A yes to either of these questions suggests you might be interested in a health vacation to Thailand for low cost gastric bypass surgery.

In addition to the aesthetic value of a renewed, slimmer figure, the weight loss achieved from the procedure can extend and ultimately save lives. From diseases to disorders, obesity ranges from harmful to deadly. Going abroad for a trimmer slimmer body might actually make you a healthier and happier person. Just be sure to check with your doctor’s credentials of course. And make sure you shop around for a facility that offers a price you can afford.

Costs and Affordability

Some medical tourism facilities report 60-70% discounts on the costs of gastric bypass surgery for travelers who go abroad. And according to Cosmetic Surgery Travel, patients may be eligible for partial reimbursement from their insurance providers.

Thai Hospitals Allow Health Vacationers to Lose Weight, Extend Life

Hospitals like Laparoscopic Bariatric Specialists International are among Bangkok, Thailand’s premier centers for gastric bypass surgery. There, surgeons routinely perform complex procedures and are efficient and effective. Health vacationers seeking to lose weight quickly learn that the procedure can also help extend their lives. Obesity can lead to heart failure, sleep apnea, diabetes, and several respiratory disorders. Reducing the exceptional weight eases the burden on just about every system in the body, including the reproductive system. According to Healthbase, “bariatric surgery enhances fertility in those who have had difficulty in conceiving.”

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Does Cost Reductions of Gastric Bypass Surgery Abroad Negate the Risks?

With any surgery, the more complex the procedure, the greater the risk becomes that something may go awry. Couple the fear of something going wrong while you’re in surgery with the distance from home, and any surgery abroad can become quite intimidating. There is always a risk of malpractice and negligence. Understanding these concerns, however, can help you mitigate that risk.

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