Can Medical Tourism Help Boost Western Economies?

What Thailand Could Do for Industrialized Nations

It may appear strange to suggest that medical tourism actually supports the economy of your home country. However, in shifting the focus from the losses to the gains, it becomes apparent that the trend toward medical tourism encourages healthy competition on a global scale. The availability of highly qualified doctors and state of the art facilities at low rates in countries like Thailand raises the bar for hospitals and doctors in industrialized countries. They are being forced to offer comparable services and keep the costs low. The same applies to businesses that support hospitals and clinics by providing facilities, drugs, staffing assistance, equipment, and so on. The strong demand for cheaper healthcare for everything from cosmetic surgery to heart transplants could ultimately lead to a reduction in current rates in your home country.

Cosmetic Surgery without Insurance

Those in need of cosmetic surgery find that the current high rates and lack of adequate insurance often proves to be a delimiting factor in getting the help they need. Insurance providers have yet to be convinced of the necessity of cosmetic surgery in improving one’s quality of life. For instance, in an article on dental cosmetic surgery, suggested that the cost of a dental crown “may range from $750 to $2,500, and dental insurance companies may not cover the entire expense.” Flying abroad to simply avoid the cost of new dental crowns is fast becoming a popular alternative.

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Is Avoiding the Cost of Dental Crowns Really Worth the Trip?

As I’ve said before, the cost of the procedure and trip is more than covered by the experience of getting to see the world; relaxing during your recovery in beautiful, exotic locales; and staying out of debt. Choose your doctor and hospital wisely by checking their credentials and reading patient testimonials online to avoid bad experiences. Once you’re in the hands of a qualified doctor, you’ll be much more likely to get your money’s worth.

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