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Singapore Reduces Cost of Spider Vein Surgery Through Medical Tourism

With the advent of medical tourism, plastic surgery abroad erases the cost and appearance of spider veins with surgery, a vacation, and oftentimes a smile. Calm your nerves days before surgery, relaxing on one of Singapore’s splendid beaches with a medical tourism package. The amazing island country boasts the expertise and low cost of labor to remove spider veins with relatively minor surgery. In addition to memories of luxurious accommodations, incredible nightlife, a rich history, plastic surgery patients will return with a renewed self-confidence in their legs.

Plastic Surgery a Significant Driver for Medical Tourism

Using various laser techniques, Singaporean hospitals have tapped into the growing medical tourism industry. With state of the art technology, Western-trained medical staff, and affordable health care, medical centers like MD Specialist Healthcare’s Vein Clinic offer drastic discounts for the cost of spider vein surgery. In addition to the cost savings and aesthetic renovation of the procedure, there are health benefits to spider vein surgery, like better circulation. Spider veins are typically hereditary and are influenced by hormones. According to AmeriVein Systems, “[spider veins] tend to be multiple and grow larger over time.” Essentially, if you’ve got ‘em, you’ve got ‘em and the veins’ appearance will likely worsen with time. Aside from their appearance, spider veins continue to enlarge, leading to potential circulatory problems like clotting, infection, or major circulation issues resulting in heart attack or stroke.

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Cost Comparisons of Spider Vein Surgery Support Medical Tourism

What would you expect to pay for this peace of mind? A thousand dollars? Five hundred? Those are some high end costs of spider vein surgery in the Untied States. Singapore’s medical tourism cuts those costs into mere fractions, ranging from $90-360. Even at the higher end, the cost savings of spider vein surgery in Singapore leave room to cover airfare, hotel, and transportation costs without paying extra. Patients often combine exotic vacations with their surgery as opposed to paying twice as much to stay in town.

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