Carnival-Style Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in Brazil

Brazil is a relatively new entrant to the medical tourism industry, but over the past few years, this vibrant nation has made huge waves; especially with elective, beautifying treatments. Affordable cosmetic surgery prices make the country a favorite destination for procedures ranging from tummy tucks to liposuction to face lifts. In fact, Brazil is known as the “nip/tuck capital of the world.” Apart from affordable cosmetic surgery prices, Brazil offers a medical tourism enthusiast an exotic paradise in which to recuperate after surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery Prices in Brazil

The prices of cosmetic surgery procedures, including the low cost of Botox injections, is what draws thousands of medical tourists to this sun-soaked country year after year. On average, a health vacationer can expect to save about one third to half the expenses when compared to the United States. Ginger Kramp of Andalusia, Alabama recently visited Brazil on a “cosmetic vacation.” Initially apprehensive of going under the knife in a foreign country, today she is elated with the results and says, “I can’t believe I did it, I’m so happy!”

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After an earlier weight loss surgery, she was left with folds of loose skin, which would have cost her $56,000-$86,000 to remove in the United States. In Brazil she paid less than $10,000. “I could never do this in the states,” she said, “I only wish my husband were here to see the results.”

Can Brazil Displace Thailand and India as the New Medical Tourism Mecca?

Brazil has many things going for it; amazing food, dense jungles, white beaches, infectious music, and of course, an impressive stranglehold on the global cosmetic surgery market. But if Brazil wants to muscle in on Thailand’s or India’s territory, it will have to make significant headway in more conventional treatments. Low cost butt lifts and Botox injections might be great for some, but the medical tourism industry is increasingly moving towards life-saving procedures. It’s possible that Brazil already has the infrastructure and expertise to offer less expensive heart surgeries or hip replacements, but it needs to do a better job of marketing these assets to the larger international community

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