Change of Guard at India’s Best Hospital for Heart Care

India’s Premier Medical Tourism Center is set for a New Chief Surgeon

These are interesting times at the Escorts Heart Institute, widely regarded as one of the best hospitals for heart care in India. In May this year, Dr. Naresh Trehan, chief cardiac surgeon at the facility was sacked unceremoniously after Fortis Healthcare, which has a majority stake at the hospital, accused Dr. Trehan of spending too much time on his new ambitious pet project, MediCity, a purported super-specialty hospital in Gurgaon. Since it’s inception in 1988, Escorts under Dr. Trehan has grown to become one of the country’s best hospitals for heart care, and one of India’s primary medical tourism centers, offering cardiac operations and other medical tourism packages to patients from over 10 countries.

The Man Who Built a Pioneering Medical Tourism Facility

A graduate of the King George Medical College in India, Dr. Trehan interned at Philadelphia and later pursued a thoracic surgery program at NYU. For 17 years, he held various prominent clinical positions in the US including a stint at the NYU Medical Center, where he performed 3,000 coronary artery surgeries before returning to India. Once back, he founded the Escorts Heart Institute in 1988 with the collaboration of the Escorts Group, then the hospitals’ majority stakeholder. Under him, the Escorts Heart Institute has performed close to 35,000 open heart surgeries, and boasts of some of the best results and lowest infection rates in the world. One of Escort’s most notable achievements has been in the medical tourism industry in India, offering comprehensive medical tourism packages that include visa assistance, lodging, and travel arrangements for foreign guests.

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Charting New Medical Tourism Frontiers

The bone of contention between Dr. Trehan and Fortis Health Care seems to have been the surgeon’s pet project, Medicity, a sprawling 45 acre campus in Gurgaon that is designed along the lines of similarly staffed facilities in the US. A fully integrated multi-specialty health complex, MediCity will offer traditional and holistic therapies in addition to Dr. Trehan’s trademark specialized surgery, and it aims to be the first one of its kind in the region. Meanwhile, Dr. Trehan hasn’t been sitting pretty waiting for MediCity to reach completion; he’s grabbed an offer from Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals – another Indian facility renowned for its medical tourism packages and Escorts’ arch rival!

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