Cheap Health Care Costs in Goa Drive Medical Tourism Packages

Tourist Surge a Byproduct of Luxury Travel and Vacation

Medical tourism packages and cheap health care costs in Goa have contributed to the state’s 10% increase in in-bound flights, many containing tourists who’ve combined medical procedures with luxury travel vacations. The seemingly small increase rose from 719 flights to 800 flights, the former bringing in almost 400,000 tourists. The State’s Minister of Tourism, Dr. Wilfred D’Souza, also a surgeon, “holds medical tourism close to [his] heart and it has been [his] endeavor to boost medical tourism in Goa.”

Tourism #1: Medical Tourism Packages Contribute to Goa’s Leading Industry

Tourism is Goa’s primary industry. To meet the rapidly increasing luxury travel demands, Goa must accommodate tourists on vacation with sound infrastructure. To increase the appeal to tourists, including those seeking medical tourism packages, Dr. D’Souza has taken great strides to improve the overall infrastructure including: roads, lodging accommodations, available conference facilities, and attractions. He said, “The ministry has laid emphasis on improving the State’s infrastructure…and also further develop golf courses of international standards to attract high-end tourists.” Efforts also include solidifying Goa Medical College, where the state’s physicians, surgeons, and researchers gain credibility and experience.

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Cheap Health Care in Goa: India’s Smallest State Saves Medical Tourists Big

How nice would it be to combine medical procedures with luxury travel as you vacation in an international hot spot? Tourists in general have been enjoying Goa’s internationally renowned beaches for years, and as medical tourism packages become more popular options, medical patients, too, will grace the state’s beaches. These tourist-patients visit Goa for its rich history, heritage, culture, and liveliness, while saving thousands of dollars on their medical procedures. According to Dr. D’Souza,

Due to the cost effectiveness, no waiting time and the skill that is available here [in Goa], an increasing number of foreign tourists come to Goa for various treatments in [conventional] as well as alternative medicines.

This trend will only continue as more and more patients from abroad learn of the unbelievable savings and quality care available in India’s most popular luxury vacation destination.

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