Cheap Health Care Encourages Health Travel

Health Travel in the Philippines

About a quarter million foreigners traveled to Philippines in search of cheap health care in 2006, contributing revenues of approximately $200 million to the economy. Flying in from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, the US, and Japan, health travel vacationers helped the Philippines’ medical tourism economy soar during the first year of heavy promotion as a destination for cheap health care. The Philippines rank as the fifth most popular medical tourism destination after Thailand, India, Malaysia, and Singapore. In the next year, the Philippines are lined up to gross $300 to $400 million through health travel.

Cheap Health Care Options

The majority of those participating in health travel to the Philippines are seeking cheap health care for procedures such as cosmetic surgery, LASIK, and countless services offered by top-notch dental clinics. The Filipino government is taking steps to promote other procedures like hip replacement and cancer surgery, with the hopes of undercutting popular destinations like Singapore. Government offices in the Philippines promote health travel in many ways, and they are working to help area hospitals becomed accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). JCI is an organization that determines whether or not hospitals around the world comply with international standards. Currently, only St. Luke’s Medical Center has accreditation, with the Medical City, Makati Medical Center, Asian Hospital, and Capitol Medical Center soon to follow suit.

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Dental Clinics in Thailand Serve as Model

When looking for inspiration, the Philippines have many examples worth copying. Bumrungrad Dental Clinic in Bangkok has a highly efficient team of dentists. In addition to general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, and orthodontics, pediatric dentistry is also offered here. With sufficient investments and careful planning, there’s no reason why the Philippines can’t one day eclipse the numerous dental clinics that thrive in Thailand.

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