Cheap Healthcare for Life-Saving Procedures

Is Cheaper Healthcare Driving Medical Packages from Canada?

More life? All it takes is more money. Are we really that advanced as humans that we must assign a monetary value to our lives? In one case, a Canadian man found out his real-life cost of living: roughly $470,000. Adolfo Flora was essentially forced to travel abroad for what other medical tourists would have considered a spa vacation package. For Flora, it was more a matter of life and death. He was unable to receive a liver transplant in Ontario, due to lack of availability. Despite specialists’ declaration that he had only six months to live, the Canadian government did not reimburse him the $477,000 bill for the medical package to England. In Flora’s case, his quest extended beyond seeking cheap healthcare; he sought life, itself.

CMA Solution for Canadian Government to Offer Cheap Healthcare

Many patients with milder cases do however travel simply to find cheaper healthcare. They find irony in the fact that spa vacations and medical tourism packages to places like Thailand and India are considerably more affordable than the treatment they’d receive back home. With medical tourism on the rise, people are also finding the cheap healthcare they seek via spa vacation packages to places like China, Argentina, and Costa Rica as well. The rising number of options will likely take its toll on local healthcare if it’s continually ignored. Dr. Colin McMillan, president of the Canadian Medical Association proposes, “a special access fund that the federal government might consider setting up, a fund of last resort if you like.” Dr. McMillan continues, “the fund would be an option for people in any province or territory who for whatever reason are unable to get care in a timely basis and have to turn to another province or country.” More “developed” countries like the United States, Canada, and many European nations must bolster their existing medical systems if they hope to compete with medical spa packages abroad.

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