Combining a Perfect Smile with a Massage in the Philippines

Affordable Dental Tourism Packages in Manila

Medical vacations are big business in the Philippines, and the country’s dentists haven’t wasted time hitching a ride on the bandwagon. With medical vacation companies offering dental tourism packages that combine low cost procedures with a weekend of fun and frolic in Cebu, foreigners have found it difficult to resist the charms of this South Asian country.

The costs of dental procedures are dirt cheap, while the procedures are of high quality. A laser teeth whitening procedure would set you back by just about $350, whereas a bleached teeth whitening procedure would cost about $195. If you’re a heavy smoker or coffee drinker, you might need procedures likes these several times in one setting (or every few months). If so, the cost of laser teeth whitening in the Philippines more than justifies the airfare and lodging.

A Brighter Smile and Holistic Therapy In the Philippines

The Philippines is pulling out all the stops to accommodate foreign tourists who might want to check out local indigenous medicines and practices on their medical vacations. While India has its Ayurveda and Yoga to seduce the weary Westerner, and Thais have their famous massages, the Filipinos boast of hilot, a healing practice that has been traditionally associated with mysticism. The country’s health sector is taking an interest in revitalizing this centuries old therapy, making hilot as acceptable and popular as Thai massages and yoga.

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Hilot practitioners base their healing on sensing the five elements of the human body and use massage to trigger off biochemical reactions that enable the body to heal itself. Herbal drinks and supplements are also included in the healing arsenal. Efforts are being made to train more practitioners to cater to increasing demand.
One more “must have” experience on your list when you head to Manila.

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