Comparing Laser Hair Removal Prices

Laser Hair Removal is Growing Popular Despite the Fancy Prices

An ever increasing number of Americans are choosing to use laser therapy to say goodbye to unwanted hair through what is easily the longest lasting of all hair removal procedures, in spite of the sometimes exorbitant prices attached. In fact, laser hair removal is the second most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure in the country after Botox. Although women comprise the biggest clientele at laser hair removal clinics, men aren’t too far behind either, and both seem undeterred by prices that can range from $900 for a bikini line treatment to $4,400 for back hair removal for men.

Plastic Surgery Financing Plans

For those who don’t want to dip into their savings for the procedure, many laser hair removal clinics offer their own in-house plastic surgery financing plans. Alternatively, you could apply to a medical finance company for a plastic surgery loan, although some of these companies may insist that you get the treatment done by their own approved doctors before sanctioning any form of financing. This kind of deal, although not exactly illegal, is still unethical. Ideally, you should be able to choose your own certified surgeon, and there are many sites online like to help you do just that. If long drawn out interest payments don’t appeal to you, you could always try option number two…

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….A Medical Vacation

Loosely, a medical vacation is just what the name implies – traveling to a sunny paradise, not just to work on your tan, but to take advantage of the cheaper costs of surgical, dental, and cosmetic procedures there. Developing countries like Brazil, for instance, have quickly become magnets for thousands of Americans who make nip and tuck trips to Rio de Janeiro, combining aesthetic body enhancing treatments with a relaxing holiday at down to earth prices. Brazil in particular offers the latest cosmetic treatments, from medical procedures like breast augmentation to non-invasive ones like laser hair removal, all included in your tropical vacation. Rates are far lower than in American clinics, although follow up visits could be an issue.

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