Computerized Information Ideal for International Travel for Medical Care

Medical Tourism to India? Don’t Forget Your Records.

Medical tourism to India gives patients the opportunity to receive high quality, yet cheap healthcare. However, what happens when you realize that you left your drug allergy information sitting on the kitchen table back at home or the handwriting on your prescription looks like a Picasso painting? Travelers undertaking medical tourism to India may run into delays if foreign doctors cannot easily decipher the handwriting of another doctor’s notes. Not having the correct medical records, prescriptions or other necessary information during international travel for medical care is a problem that the medical community is resolving through the use of computerized information. Cheap healthcare depends on correct and timely information. This is not news to patients choosing international travel for medical care. Patients and the medical community spend almost $2 trillion a year on preserving good health.

Electronic Records a Boost to International Travel for Medical Care

24% of health providers currently computerize all types of medical documentation on their patients. This percentage is booming as international travel for medical care requires doctors on all borders to effectively communicate with each other. Healthcare providers are developing a common coding system for medical data to help doctors not only understand medical records, but also to quickly retrieve exactly what they need without searching through volumes of non-essential information. Medical tourism patients to India can transmit vital information such as blood pressure to doctors from their resort rooms through the use of electronic data. Computerized records can also improve follow up care for a patient who returns home from trips where he or she received cheap healthcare. A patient’s care can be seamless regardless if the last medical procedure was done in the neighboring town or halfway around the world, as long as there is effective communication at the touch of a keyboard.

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