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India, once a popular place to adopt children, offers a new path to parenthood. Fertility clinics across the country are helping couples conceive. How much demand is there for these services. According to the National Women’s Health Information Center, 6.1 million Americans struggled with infertility roughly 10 years ago (1997).

Unfortunately, fertility services in the States are sometimes beyond the reach of average Americans. By traveling to India, one can find low cost fertility treatments that are a fraction of the cost that one might have to pay Stateside. For example, some reputable Indian hospitals can provide in vitro fertilization at merely 12% of the United States pricing–compare $15,000 in the United States to $1,800 in India.

Medical Tourism Insurance No Hindrance to Fertility Treatments in India

It already takes an average of nine months to carry and deliver a baby. Expecting parents don’t want the additional hassle and emotional costs of extreme wait times for fertility treatments added on. Many insurance companies do not cover the costs of fertility treatment, considering the procedure to be a non-essential medical procedure. Couples unable to conceive, however, would likely disagree, and many pursue fertility treatments anyway. While the medical tourism industry thrives, the cost savings that couples experience when traveling to India for fertility treatment virtually negates the lack of insurance support. At less than $2,000, one can receive top-notch treatment from an internationally accredited facility. The biggest expense is actually the airfare.

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Indian Hospitals Defy Infertility Woes

Among the low-cost, high-quality leaders of infertility treatment in India is Forerunners Health Care. The center offers at least ten types of fertility procedures ranging from sperm banking to artificial insemination to in vitro fertilization. Another medical center, the Malpani Infertility Clinic, offers a wealth of information from its Web site, including ways patients can protect themselves from going to a bad fertilization clinic. These and other Indian medical facilities make fertilization and conception a reality for more and more couples. A happy customer is a paying customer, and I’m certain the medical tourism industry will continue to welcome many happy parents.

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