Cosmetic Elective Surgery Not Just For Women Anymore

More Men Getting Elective Surgery

Researchers at the University of California: Los Angeles (UCLA) have found surprising results in a recent study they conducted about plastic surgery. “Interest in cosmetic surgery is far more widespread than we had anticipated,” David Frederick, a psychology graduate student, told CBS news. The study, which appears in a recent edition of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, reported that “40 percent of men expressed at least possible interest” in getting cosmetic surgery if they could afford it, and 17 percent of men responded that they will “maybe” be interested “in a few years.”

Nose Job Surgery Very Popular among Male Patients

Data from the UK mirrors the results of the UCLA study. Sally Kinnes, writing for the UK’s Times newspaper, reports that the number of “men turning to cosmetic surgery has more than doubled” since 2004. Last year alone, there were 2,500 plastic surgeries performed on men. She says that the most popular procedures are nose job surgery, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), liposuction, ear correction procedures (otoplasty), and face or neck lifts. A spokesperson for one medical group in the UK told the Scotsman newspaper that the number of males seeking elective surgery is “increasing massively.” She reasons that it is “more socially acceptable” nowadays for a man to be concerned with his looks.

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Cut the Cost of Nose Job Surgery in India

A popular medical tourism destination for men from the United States and the UK is India. With the cost of nose job surgery procedures in the West being around $5,000, according to the New York Times, patients can save money on their procedure even after the cost of airfare and accommodation is figured in. Some men even prefer to travel for their cosmetic procedures to allow themselves a certain amount of anonymity and private recovery time. Traveling to India, with its 1,200 and growing population of plastic surgeons, is a popular option for males wanting quality results from an affordable medical tourism vacation.

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