Cosmetic Surgery Financing

Affordable Healthcare

Every year, millions of Americans find themselves in need of various types of cosmetic surgery and require appropriate financing every year. Affordable healthcare is often seen as something that only adequate insurance coverage can provide, and frequenting cheaper but unaccredited establishments may leave you vulnerable to the dangers of invasive procedures like liposuction and other types of surgeries. In many cases, health insurance policies fail to cover plastic surgery, leaving Americans no choice but to seek cosmetic surgery financing from various independent loan companies. Now, however, with the flattening of our borders, medical tourism has brought affordable healthcare, even for plastic surgery, to the average American.

Brazil and Thailand offer many of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery at between 20% and 40% of the cost in the US. A large number of military personnel also frequent Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries in Asia for similar procedures since surgery for purely cosmetic purposes to rectify burns and disfigurement that occurred on the battlefield are not performed by military doctors.

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Dangers of Liposuction

In taking advantage of the cheaper procedures abroad, however, it is best to seek out medical institutions that are properly accredited and staffed with qualified doctors. Being lazy with the preliminary research can result in unfortunate complications that may require returning to the hospital for further treatment or paying for a new procedure to correct the mistakes and/or consequences of the last one. For example, the dangers of a procedure like liposuction could result in mild to severe infections, burns from ultrasonic devices, potential organ damage, potential pulmonary embolisms, fluid imbalance resulting in pulmonary edema or heart and kidney dysfunction, potential Lidocaine overdoses, and toxicity. All of these would require medical attention and/or surgery, and in some cases, if left untreated, could result in fatalities.

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