Cosmetic Surgery in Brazil

Medical Tourism Offers Cheap Healthcare

Despite the many dangers of plastic surgery, thousands of Americans elect to have aesthetic procedures to alleviate all kinds of “beauty” and medical complications, from morbid obesity to crow’s feet. Cheap healthcare, however, is hard to come by, and the cost of the surgery can be staggering. To help reduce the burden of debt, more and more people are looking abroad for alternatives. Although the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has cautioned against these options, many have found that with some good advanced research, the advantages of cheap healthcare far outweigh the potential risks of cosmetic surgery in countries like Brazil.

One such medical tourist, an American woman from Alabama needed a procedure to rid her of excess sagging skin that had resulted from a prior weight-loss surgery. The estimated cost of the surgery in the US was $56,000 to $86,000. After 18 months of researching alternatives, she decided to have her cosmetic surgery in Brazil, through a specialized plastic surgery travel firm. The entire trip cost her less than $10,000 for a full service package. She is quite positive she would never have been able to afford the surgery in the US, let alone a great vacation in an “exotic” location.

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Avoiding the Dangers of Plastic Surgery

A number of specialized travel firms, for instance, offer to arrange all the logistics for their customers such as researching the best qualified and most reputable doctors and hospitals, transferring them to and from the airport, and arranging lodging. Their research on qualified doctors can prove invaluable in avoiding the dangers of plastic surgery for anyone considering going abroad for health travel. With all of the information on reputable hospitals at their fingertips, potential customers can then decide on which one best suits their budget and safety concerns.

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